Top Attractions In Nevada That You Absolutely Must See

The state of Nevada is really a mixture of outdoor activities and amazing cities you can find anywhere else. The activities that you do could range from going through desert areas, having a picnic by a lake, or heading up into this year Nevada is to do a little hiking. Additionally, there are cities that are outstanding, ones that will provide you with entertainment from hundred different directions. It is a unique place, a state that is primarily a giant desert, with rolling hills dotted with unique places that you must see.

Valley Of Fire State Park

This is very similar to Red Rock Canyon. It is astounding how many places in Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona have red rocks. If you have ever been to Sedona in Arizona, which is hundreds of miles away, you will also see these red rocks in all directions. This particular State Park is not quite as popular as Red Rock, but it’s definitely one that you should see. Once you are done there, you need to head into Las Vegas and check out the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.

High Roller

This is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, purposely made that way. It’s over 500 feet tall, and despite its height, it’s only half the size of the Stratosphere. Even though, it is still a wonderful way to get outstanding views of Las Vegas, and it’s located right off of the strip. You should be able to have plenty of room for you and your family if you are traveling with the group, and you will definitely be able to get on by yourself to experience these incredible heights.

Conservatory And Botanical Gardens At Bellagio

The Bellagio really is one of the most unique and fascinating of all of the casinos in Las Vegas. It has the beautiful water show outfront, and it has the O show that is so popular. Of course it would have one of the best botanical gardens for hundreds of miles, and you can see this if you are a guest. It’s a great way to really get back to nature, albeit within the confines of one of the most outstanding casinos ever created.

Your trip to Nevada should consist of more than simply going to southern Nevada. You could head north into Reno, Gardnerville, or even go as far as Winnemucca. However, if your time is limited, these are three of the best places that you should visit if you want to get a little bit of hiking, see the city from up high, and also get back to nature. See these attractions when you get to Vegas the next time you are in Nevada.